Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Here is a picture of the costume i made Nora for her first Halloween. She was a "Norabee". It took a LOT of work. I think I actually did a darn good job.

You can see the wings and stinger a little better in this shot...

I had a LOT of fun making it with the help of my lovely mother in law, Claudia and her sewing machine. Never could have done it otherwise. It made me feel like a "good mom".

Now in these shots to the right, you can see how much work I put into her homemade Rockstar costume last Halloween. She was a hit. She won several costume contests. Everything was made by me. I hand painted the guitar, an exact replica of one of Jimmy Hendrix's own guitars.

So now, I have two kids...Halloween is coming. I LOVE making Halloween costumes. It is so fun and makes me feel great, but October is approaching and I STILL don't even know what they are going to be. Last year, my orange shirt made Audrey's costume a no-brainer...
I'd really like to make them costumes that are related, like The little Mermaid and Flounder the fish, or Strawberry Shortcake and Audrey can be a strawberry. Another Idea is puppies for sale. I need more ideas. If anyone is out there reading my blogs, please! Give me some ideas!!! We want to use our red wagon as part of the costume, so keep that in mind. ok, shoot! Thanks!