Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We are moving!

Dear Arizona,
Let me start by saying, "you're not so bad!" I can see that now that I am no longer committed to you.
You and I got off on the wrong foot from the start. Before we were an item, I would visit you with Mark and you didn't see like such a bad guy. Pretty hot, but it was more intriguing to me than anything. In hindsight, it was just puppy love. But we moved to be with you. Right away after we moved here, I had a hard time finding work. Then I found myself unexpectedly pregnant...a couple of times! I wanted to blame someone, so I blamed you. When I felt nauseous or too large to function, you overheated me. And you should know, your abusive relationship with the sun...yeah she really changes your attitude. I feel like you could really limit her influence on your weather. Many times I found myself wanting to come outside and visit you, but SHE was always there glaring at me. But all that is water under the bridge. Oh, and speaking of water...yeah you put on a very tough face and can seem very strong, but I think it would do you some good to have a good cry from time to time. I found you very dry a lot of the time. Some rain could benefit you by showing your tender side.
I will miss your beautiful mountains that seem to be wrapped around me everywhere I go. You are handsome, there is no doubt. But the fact that I could only hike on them 4 months out of the year when I wouldn't get heat exhaustion, that was annoying.
So I know there will be times when I will see a potted cactus or a very sunny day and think of you fondly, but I'm going to start fresh with another state. Don't be jealous. You don't have enough water for me and my ever-expanding family anyway. So I am breaking up with you. And really, it's not you, it's me. If you need me, I'll be in the humidity on the other side of the country, beneath the shade of the tall pines. Oh, and take care of my friends. If I hear that you are mistreating them, I'll...well...I...hmmm...just don't do it, ok?


Yep, we are on our way to Georgia. Packing up and flying out on the 8th of May. Yes, it it VERY soon. Especially because we have to pack up our entire house by then while a toddler is trampling all over it and undoing pretty much everything we do. I'm confident we will get it done though.

On a more solemn note, we have to leave behind Mark's parents, and our daughters' new and dearly loved grandparents. They have been wonderful grandparents and very helpful to us. We hope to visit them and receive visits from them often. Our 5 minute drive to their house was very nice and we will miss it a lot. Mark's brother and his beautiful new wife are here as well. We will miss Daniel and Jenny, and the girls will too. Our friends we have made during our three year stay here have been top-notch. My new momma friends have been the reason for any sanity I have left after my struggles with adjusting to motherhood. Our little Audrey's God-parents, Daniel Duran and Andrea Torzala have turned out to be great friends and have made us feel involved in our church community. St Tims will be missed as well. It is a very special place. We have met wonderful neighbors and have been very blessed to stay in such a nice community with great parks and playgrounds nearby.

Still, we are thrilled to take the best opportunity offered to us. Georgia will get me a degree, Mark a better income, and hopefully a bit more help with babysitting from friends and family. When I get a chance I am going to post a ton of pictures from our great and special years here. But for now...just one parting shot...