Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Walk this way!

Well the Mayer girl small enough to be sitting on my lap right now has some big news! Little (hardly) Audrey has started walking! Last Sunday, after a fun and exhausting full day at Cagle's farm in Canton, GA, Aunt Kristen was playing with Audrey and she took three steps in a row! Three times! We were so proud of her, we got out the cameras and tried to get her to do it again and no....no, she doesn't want to have hard evidence like that. But we were all very proud of her. And now she is walking around a bunch and clapping for herself too! She just perfected her clapping skills this last week too. So we love to watch her walk ten or so steps in a row now and promptly thereafter give her self a round of applause. She's cute. I mean really cute.

It's been a challenging week for us her still though, as both girls got a cold, and apparently not from each other, because when they each seemed to be feeling better, they traded colds and Audrey got sicker and Nora got a massive ear infection from cold #2! oh what fun! And of course all you parents out there know exactly when the ear infection hit...that's right, Friday night. Just in time for a nice long weekend when all the doctor's offices will be closed, the Urgent care facilities will be packed and of course, when we finally got her a prescription on Saturday evening, you guessed it! The pharmacies were closed...oh except for the one 24 hr pharmacy 20 minutes away. Eh, that's just how that stuff goes. I blame the government. No I don't. I just wanted to say that. They may have something to do with it, but I honestly haven't figured out the connection yet.

Oh, yeah, and of course just before Nora gets sick, her video monitor goes out. Like it totally bites the dust. Great timing. Oh well, I'm sure there was a day in age when kids survived without video monitors or---gasp!---any monitors at all! Now that's scary. Nah, it's ok, we will survive. Some people don't have food. I just can't see my toddler on a screen when I'm floor below her.

No, Life is good here at Mayerville. We are all relatively healthy and safe. Stress levels could calm down a bit, but we are getting by just fine. My parents are coming over for dinner tonight and I am pretty excited about that. I'm making soup. I love soup season. We didn't have much of that in old AZ. Nope, this is the time of year I love most...except I could do without the colds. I put Nora in preschool though so I was askin for it!

Here are some pictures of the girls as Cagle's farm the other day...