Monday, September 14, 2009

Nesting time...

Yeah, I'm officially really bad at keeping a blog. Sorry I can't seem to be very regular about this. Things are getting exciting around here. We're looking for the cooler weather, we're getting strict about out budget, house cleaning and setting up for the second Mayer princess. We are so excited to meet her. Well, I'm excited to meet her...I think Mark is more excited about the time off. Haha JUST KIDDING. No, we are both really jazzed about the new baby. Nora is growing in leaps and bounds. She is figuring out more words and improving on old ones. For instance, now she's beginning to say "daddY" and "doggY" rather than "dadA" and...well, just barking to refer to a dog. Man does that little girl love animals and babies. She's always pointing to my belly and saying BABA (for baby) and giving it hugs. She has not a clue what's in store for her I'm sure.

And as for me, I am going nuts with my nesting instincts. I can't seem to satisfy this urge to set up for our new little girl. Of course it's hard because we really don't have a nursery for her. We have only one crib and that's Nora's. She's not ready to move out of there yet. All we have is our pack n play with the bassinet level for the newby to sleep in, and that's not set up yet. We got some diapers and some clothes and a hand-me-down dresser...but other than that, this kid has nothing. I wish we could do for her all the things we did for Nora, but we're totally out of money and not even sure where we will be living in 6 months so ya's a little tough. We are having a baby shower next after that maybe we will pull out the pack n play and the infant swing and get serious about set-up. We are also doing a refresher childbirth class at our doctor's office so maybe that will make things feel a little more 'for real'. The only real sign of this little one that I notice is my ever growing torpedo-shaped belly. Yeah, I feel like I already look full term. I shudder to think of what I will look like in the end with this one. It was out of control with Nora. Here's a taste of what I looked like toward the last days:Oh, and notice the swollen head and ankles. Not fun times for Meggy.

So Anyway, that's me with a nine-pounder in my belly. What will this pregnancy bring? Who knows? Here are some pictures of Nora at Grandma C and Grandpa Hal's for your entertainment...


  1. Princess Nora is getting so big!!! Can't wait to meet the new little lady :) Keep on cooking that bun in the oven!

  2. Hi Meg!

    E passed your blog along to me. :)

    It's great to see how you are doing - you almost make me want to get pregnant! Hehe.