Monday, June 29, 2009

Leavin' on a jet plane...

All my bags are packed. I'm ready to go.
I'm standing here outside Nora's door.
I'm not gonna wake her up till it's time to go...

Ok, that was a lost cause. Anyway, we're essentially all packed to leave for our 20 day trip to Georgia. I'm starting to get a bit nervous too. And I'm pretty sure Nora was picking up on it tonight as my mom and I were getting her ready for bed. She was so upset. It was a bit of a scream fest. She has a tooth popping through right now, which isn't helping, and she didn't want to eat much tonight. Chicken chunks and sweet potato pieces! What baby doesn't want to eat chicken and sweet potato??!?! I just hope the flight goes smoothly tomorrow. I'm planning on using a dose of Benadryl, bring snacks and books, and my buddy Donna lent me a portable DVD player. Those things should help a great deal I think.

I just need to chill. I'm not a great flyer in my own right. It used to be worse, but I do still get nervous on a plane. I'm sure if I'm calm, she won't be any trouble.

It's been very nice having my mom around these last few days. Nora has had the time of her life. Going to the mall, wagon rides, seeing ducks during a yummy outdoor dinner by a lake, riding in the kid car on the front of the shopping cart at Fry's, eating half of an In-n-Out burger...and just getting tons of attention from her adoring public.

Poor Mark is already missing us. He's pretty bummed about the 20 days away from us, and I know he wants to be in Georgia. He will stay here and take his class and work his call center job in the intolerable desert heat while I'm seeing old friends, eating great food, getting ready for the party of the century (My sister's wedding), and playing with our little girl. Though I know I will miss him too.

In further news, I saw my OB this morning. My blood pressure is still pretty good: 120 / 66, and baby girl's size is right on track. I measured 20 cm. Nora was 9lbs, 4 oz, so ya gotta understand, I'm a little nervous about the size of baby number 2. I'm sure God won't give me anything I can't handle with His help. Well, I suppose I should pack our carry on bags...I always get carried away with that part, packing 40 items, using about five of them. Please send us your prayers, for our sanity, that of the other innocent bystanders on the plane, and of course for Nora.

These are a few cute Nora pics. Playing with the wagon, the baby pool, her new toothbrush, Daddy, and other things. I think she's kinda cute.

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  1. Have a safe trip and enjoy the wedding and your visit home. See you when yo get back! Hugs!