Saturday, July 4, 2009

My girl can SLEEP!

So I'm here in GA on the fourth of July, and the redneck neighbors across the street are setting off some REALLY expensive, REALLY loud fireworks right in front of our house. Nora Went down for bed about 30 minutes ago and I am SHOCKED, but she has not made a peep. What a good girl.

Now the airplane ride, however, that was a different story. We gave her a good dose of Benadryl, and ran her around the airport for an hour. She fought. And fought. AND FOUGHT. She was rubbing her eyes, and getting fussy, and laying her head down a few seconds at a time. She was sooo not gonna fall asleep though she was drugged and way overdue for a nap. Finally, she could not take it. She dosed off on Grandma Rox's chest. AW so sweet...until 3 minutes later they announced, "we are now approaching our initial decent into the Atlanta area." UUUGGHH, Nora! She slept right through the bumpy landing and woke up when everyone was exiting the plane. So that day, she got a 20 minute nap. Whoopdee doo. She is one strong willed little girl. I still like her though.

We are missing our man back at home very much. Mark misses us too I know, but man it's not showing at the office! He is ROCKING the SOCKS OFF of the sales floor! In the last three days he has sold 24 policies, which DANG! If he can keep that up, we're getting a heck of a paycheck this month. Maybe we can actually afford the trip were planning next month to San Diego! What a novel idea. Hehe. We're proud of our big strong man.

We are working hard to get things ready for Kristen and Chris's wedding. It's coming up soon: July 18th, about 2 weeks! She's driving her slave labor team efficiently. Last night I was glueing labels until midnight. Oh pooh, it's 11:30pm now! I'm just glad Nora's been sleeping till 9 or 10am. Well I'm off to bed. Until next time...night y'all!

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