Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ahh, the blushing bride...

Today, I saw my sister in her wedding dress for the first time. I know she's had a lot of anxiety about getting the dress to work out for her, but I must say...

She was exquisite!

I am so excited for her. She's just so beautiful, and I'm flattered that she wants to use my veil. This wedding is going to be just breathtaking. My sister's attention to details and type A personality are really going to show. Her colors are great. I wish I'd thought more about my own wedding colors now that I see all she has done with color. Her brides maids are all over everything. I just am amazed at the work they are all doing for her. She's got some really dedicated friends. She's a lucky girl. And I'm pretty certain that Chris is a lucky guy. I wish them all the best. I hope they have all the kids they want, and all the success in the world.

I am so excited that it will only be a week before Mark flies in to GA. I love it here and everything is just perfect--even the cloudy days--except that the thing that I am most passionate about, my husband, is not here. It is so hard to sleep at night without him, and so boring to wake up alone. I love that these times can show me how much I love him, but I am feeling ready to show HIM how much I love him. I wanna be next to him again so badly. I actually found myself saying today that being a bride is fun and exciting, but I am so much happer just being married now. I think a lot of people just want to be a bride and get married for the wedding, overlooking the years and dues of marriage. I know I didn't do that. I am so happily married and I never doubt that I found the perfect guy for me...well maybe when I can't get him to I'm kidding. I couldn't imagine a better match for my spirituality, my musicality, my mind, my heart, my body. We see eye to eye on finances, parenting, even style. Usually. =) I think I am the luckiest lady I know.

I wish the same joy for my sister. I pray that her marriage brings her frequent moments of looking at her husband and wondering how she ever deserved such a blessing. For me, Mark's love for me is proof that God knows my heart through and through and wants the absolute best for me. Everyone needs love like that. Everyone deserves it.

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